Balancing the Environmental Scales thru laughter and Burnt Toast

There are so many debates on what is good or bad for the environment. In fact, environmentalists have spent money, time and energy on the subject. Meanwhile, our oceans and rivers remain polluted while our soil has become depleted of nutrients. Many, like Akua Maat have joined the ranks of millions choosing to eliminate their individual and household reliance on plastics and other personal products that emit environmental toxins. The quest to make sustainable living choices is a journey that few others are willing to take.

Few can imagine what thoughts crossed Maat’s mind when she learned, after years of attempting to live a pollution free life, that she had become one of the world’s grossest emission producers. For years Maat has had a horrible habit of burning toast in her broiler. And as a result, hundreds of harmless pieces of toast have fallen victim and become deadly charcoal briquettes with the wink of an eye.

At some point Maat began to post her debacles on social media every time an occurrence happened. People laughed, commented and even gave her cooking suggestions. One person, Maat’s sister, even sent her a toaster oven with detailed instructions on how to properly prepare toast. A few people sent Youtube videos on how to make the perfect toast while others just shook their heads. After some five years of posting charred pieces of bread Maat finally realized that she had developed a major collection of burnt toasted blunders. Often, others would share their pictures of when they too had burnt their toast. Someone even went as far as to label it as, “Having an Akua Moment.”

All was fun and games until the day Maat ran across an article that posted a research study that found that burning toast can expose a person to more environmental pollution than standing in a busy street corner. To think after years of trying to be a purist and lead a clean sustainable life, Maat had literally unconsciously created a carbon footprint path to hell. Her mistakes were simple and even minor but in the world of an ever-growing climate change crisis ignorance of one’s personal impact does not provide and excuse for crimes against the planet.

Now on a mission of atonement for her crimes, Maat has determined that her only recourse is work on projects that would help to conserve and preserve nature. With a trail of blazing burnt toast in tow she hopes to create environmental awareness while encouraging others to help create a cleaner world. “No One can ever truly not make an impact,” says Maat. “Once you put your foot down on the ground, you have altered it forever. But, we can and we will bring balance by stopping to clean up or path as we walk the planet while working diligently to do our best to leave no trace behind.”

Currently, Maat is part of a growing group of individuals who entered into the controversial NFT marketplace with the hopes of using funds to develop and conserve natural habitats. “Yes, there is much debate on the devastating impact that block chains and cryptocurrency have on the environment,” says Maat “But there’s also a budding group of tech savvy people working to resolve those issues. In the meantime, our group is working to bring the balance by giving people eco-conscious options to choose from. In this way not only can we balance the scales but we can also make a positive impact exponentially.”

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